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Our names are Oliver, Elizabeth and Ryan. We are 2 Young Leaders and an Explorer Scout; we are raising money to go to Uganda with a contingent of Berkshire Scouts.We will be going to Uganda at the end of July 2019 and camping for three weeks whilst we help build and repair buildings in a community.

Young people and leaders from across the Berkshire County will continue to make a real difference to local and rural communities in Uganda as well as developing their own personal and Scouting skills.

Project Africa is a long-term international community development programme. Berkshire Scouts are supporting schools, teachers, and local communities to help secure a good education, and a good start in life, for local children from poor rural communities in Africa.

In addition to building projects and other material support, the project has also provided funds for teacher wages as well as sponsoring some individual school children. Project Africa also funded electric power for the first time at the Bukeka Children's Centre.

young people supporting young people!

Bracknell Show, 21st July 2018

Diary of events attended

District Football events on the 9th and 12th of July
Car Washes on the 16th of June and the 14th of July
Bracknell Show – 21st of July

Beaver/Cub film night- Date TBC
Car wash- Dates TBC
Adult Race Night – Date confirmed 10th of November
9th Bracknell Scouts Christmas Bazaar- 24th November


Weʼre raising money to send three 9th Bracknell Scouts to Uganda in 2019 to help develop a community with a contingent of Berkshire Scouts.

It will cost
£3000 each.
Raised so far
£1000 donation each from 9th Bracknell.
£300 each from South Berks District.
£650 raised so far at events, see diary.

Easy Branding has donated the Project Africa banner and T shirts to follow

Thank you to ALL our supporters

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